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Every Miami Home Deserves Smart Solutions Offered by Impact Windows

Residents living along the Florida coast are no strangers to the 110 mph winds that are strongest during the middle months of the year. Over the years, news agencies have reported massive damage to homes at the peak of hurricane season. With these conditions in mind, it pays to be prepared and to fortify your abode by upgrading to impact windows.


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A Smart Solution for Protecting Your Home
Impact-resistant windows are made with dual layers of glass with a special synthetic film sandwiched in between. You can choose from varying film thicknesses, and some types help to filter out UV-rays and outside heat while keeping your home well-lit and cool.
During hurricane season, when strong winds fling debris towards your windows, impact-resistant glass may crack, but will not shatter. Traditional glass windows may break under a sudden gust of wind, and this creates a pocket of strong air pressure indoors, possibly causing other windows and doors to fall apart, and even tearing down walls. For this reason, state authorities have truly been keen on educating the locals about the importance of disaster readiness in the home.

Follow the Regulations
Impact-resistant windows are not just a stylish fad for new homeowners, but they are actually mandatory. The Florida Building Code (FBC) specifies that homes built earlier than year 2001 should be renovated to include these window types and other hurricane-resistant structures like doors and shutters. Because these specialized types of glass are heavier than regular windows, the frame and the fasteners that secure it should be just as tough.
Materials testing for hurricane resistance also check the stability of the frame itself, and not just the unbreakability of the glass. Strong gusts of wind and projectiles may not affect the impact-resistant glass, but it can cause the window frame to fall apart if not installed correctly. When upgrading your regular windows to impact windows, contractors would recommend replacing the entire frame, the pane, and all other hardware that goes with it.

Other Perks for Homeowners
Aside from ensuring a strong and resilient home, impact-resistant windows are wise investments as well. You may get insurance incentives and discounts from your home insurance premiums. Plus, the FBC concurs that these types of windows can effectively deter burglaries and break-ins, giving you and your family peace of mind whenever you’re away.
If you're considering beefing up your home and preparing it against hurricanes, talk to the specialists in impact windows in Miami and nearby cities.

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